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Design Research

17 Aug 2022

Bringing Audiences to Life Through a Mixed-Method Segmentation Cycle


10 Mar 2022

Tricks to Boost Participant Engagement in Qualitative and Ethnographic Research


10 Feb 2022

Changing of the Guard — Gen Z Entering Buying Power

Habit & Behavior

18 Dec 2021

Market Segmentation Is Always Important — But Why Do I Need to Reset NOW?

Research Best Practices

27 Sep 2021

Which Came First Quant or Qual?

Research Best Practices

21 Jul 2021

Stakeholder Wrangling 101: The RACI Framework

Research Best Practices

17 Jun 2021

How Conifer Does Agile Research

Research Best Practices

28 May 2021

Post-Pivot: What To Do When Your Data Becomes Dated

Research Best Practices

22 Mar 2021

Can Innovation Work From Home? Digital Ideation 101

Research Best Practices

25 Feb 2021

Better Together: Quant & Qual


30 Oct 2020

What Makes an Insight Truly "Actionable"?


18 Sep 2020

Safely Resuming F2F Research