Ethnographic Insights & Business Transformation

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to your business question. At Conifer, our methodologies are a perfect mix of design research and anthropology. No matter the vertical, brand, or challenge, we use our experience to create a custom solution.

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Our research approach brings us as close to the action, contexts and moments of truth as possible. We bring our clients along with us into the field and bring user stories to life to get the full, immersive, holistic experience to inspire their business decisions. You can read as much as you'd like about people, places, and culture, but until you've lived your research and insights through an ethnographic lens, you won't have a full understanding.

Ultimately our goal is to help transform our client's organizations not by just providing insights, but also a plan for what to DO with these insights. We have the opportunity through design research and other ethnographic approaches to prevent people from wasting their time, wasting their money, or doing things that are contradicted by the values and beliefs of those they're trying to reach.

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Deprivation Research

Deprivation Research

Curious about how to think outside the box and uncover perspective-shifting insights? Deprivation research might be exactly what your team needs to get to the next level.

What happens when you take away something deemed “essential”? And what happens when you replace that necessity with something else entirely? Deprivation Research unearths raw, organic reactions to products and services and ultimately helps get teams beyond incremental innovation to explore future alternatives and what-ifs. Click below to dive deeper into deprivation!

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